The Best Kayaks for Rivers

Kayaking provides a distinct perspective to individuals that are into spending time on the water, in the river. Kayaks offer a low-riding and close feel to the water. You not only enjoy a quiet ride but also one with the ability to glide smoothly over the river surface. Kayaks normally offer users the golden opportunity to enjoy an array of watersports aspects without harming their boat. As a user, you stand to benefit from ease of use as well as utmost convenience.

Sadly, when in the market for the best kayaks for rivers, most people experience some confusion. This is because of the countless models, makes and brands in the market presently.

Are you searching for the best kayaks for rivers the market has to offer? If yes, then here is a look at the top five best ones:

#1: Intex Challenger K1 Kayak

 Intex Challenger K1 Kayak


The Intex Challenger K1 Kayak is ideal for those rivers with slow and mild flowing water. The fact that it’s stable and durable makes it a highly reasonable option in terms of kayaking in the river. It is made of long lasting welded materials meaning it can perfectly withstand mild rapids from any river. It has a spacious and comfortable cockpit to ensure paddling is more enjoyable even for some hours. For your additional necessities such as water and food, the kayak has a cargo net that acts as an extra storage.

#2: Sun Dolphin Bali Sit-On Top Kayak

Sun Dolphin Bali Sit-On Top Kayak

The Sun Dolphin Bali Sit-On Top Kayak comes in a bright orange color. This single person kayak goes for less than $500. It paddle design as well as tracks that come with the package makes this river kayak one of the best in the market. It boasts a wide bottom that offers utmost stability even for the beginners. The kayak also has a PAC (Portable Accessory Carrier) that is handy as an extra storage for anything that you need kept dry. It also brings with it a dry storage compartment that has a shock cord deck-rigging that keeps your gadgets such as phones and fish finder safe from being wet. Its cockpit design is open to ensure that passengers easily get in and out of the kayak.

#3: Old Town Canoes and Kayaks

Old Town Canoes and Kayaks

This kayak is not only good for rivers only but also for lakes as well. The Old Town kayak is a single person kayak that’s highly recommended for the slow moving rivers. You can also use it in a pond or stream. It is made of a single layer linear polyethylene that’s highly durable. The kayak features a highly adjustable comfortable flex seat that is comfortable and padded to ensure you remain stress-free and in style regardless of the number of hours, you decide to go for paddling. Control how your kayak moves while supporting your knee and things with its knee and thigh pads. Its impressive design and affordable price are what makes it stand out from the rest.

#4: Standard River Tube Kayak

Standard River Tube Kayak

The Standard River Tube Kayak boasts a robust plastic tracking fin as well as a 70 inch paddle. The fins enable the kayak to be effortlessly controlled or even maneuvered regardless of how rapid or otherwise the flowing river is. The inflatable kayak is highly durable to survive and even face the flowing streams and rivers. The shape of the kayak is perfectly streamlined thus enabling it move with buoyancy and agility in rapids. Even after many hours of paddling, the kayak has a comfortable resting place. Relax on the supported backrest as you sip beer. For faster deflation and inflation process, the kayak brings with it a Boston valve.

#5: Intex Challenger K2 Kayak

Intex Challenger K2 Kayak

The Intex Challenger K2 Kayak is the ideal kayak for river for two people. Are you looking for highly affordable kayak for rivers or even lakes? Then you better settle for this impressive kayak. It features bright colors and sport designs for higher visibility even from a far distance. It boasts a streamlined design that makes it extremely easy to follow he river flow for effortless paddling particularly if you experience occasional rapids along the water body. Two adults can perfectly fit in the kayak and feel safe courtesy of the grab lines that surround the kayak. It comes with aluminum pump and paddle for your deflation and inflation needs. For additional gear, utilize the cargo net on the kayak.


There is no doubt that kayaking is a highly safe sport. It is also a safe hobby to pursue. If you need some peace of mind, kayaking is exactly what you need. If you need to embark on adventure, there is no rewarding activity than kayaking. Paddle away if you need to test your strength. If you are in the market for the best kayak for rivers, feel free to choose from any of the above kayaks, better yet visit It’s where you’ll learn more about the best inflatable kayak. Interested in fishing on a kayak? You’ll find reliable fishing kayak review on the site, too!